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I have had my shower at 2 PM, got in some comfy clothes, and have been watching Law & Order: SVU all day (or listening to it) and enjoying the episodes. I have really got into the rhythm of relaxing on Sundays since going to church on Sunday right now is a little hard right now. Even today I have another happy birthday wish to speak of.   It is my dad’s wife 66th birthday today and I want to wish SBK a wonderful day. I did call her phone and left a message for her. She did not answer the phone. I didn’t expect her to do so really. She rarely does. She prefers texting. I do love my mom. We communicate through texts, emails, phone calls, and Facebook. I believe we have better communication that I do with my dad’s wife or my sister KLK. Neither SBK nor KLK talk on the phone much. They prefer texting. What has happened to good old-fashioned talking on the phone? Technology has taken over our lives…even my own life!

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