Somewhat Lazy and Bored, SB, Bible Study/Prayer Meeting, and Home Now

Somewhat Lazy and Bored

Although today is Wednesday and I have my showers in the morning and then I get dressed for the day, I find myself lazy today. When I find myself lazy, I feel bored when there is definitely something I can do to get out of my boredom and into the life of the living. Today I have decided to get caught up on some journaling and watch television, and get ready to go to Bible study/prayer meeting at 6:20 PM or so. My ride will be here then. If I am lazy or bored, it is definitely my own fault but I enjoy being alone most of the time. My enjoying of being alone and staying out of trouble began when SB was manager for two years and I was not going to get involved with the troubles that were happening and get myself in trouble and written up for something. This was before SB and I got to know each other and I did promise her I was not a troublemaker and someone who made a lot of noise or cared for a lot of noise. The walls here at Burbank Plaza apartment complex are thing and you can hear hamming from the first floor to the third floor. So, now that SB is gone and KR is back and in I have come to venture out of my apartment from time to time again. I do not feel eyes watching over me constantly any more. That is a plus.


Now, I am not knocking down SB and her being a manager here. She did the best job she could while she was here for the two years. Some of the tenants have had run-ins with her to the point that they disliked her and wished they never met her. I, on the other hand, was indifferent about SB. She is a human being who has had a rough life somewhere and is now dealing with illnesses that are beyond her control, and people make mistakes and SB did her job as manager here well. I may not have understood some of the rules she made but I did follow them the best I could and if I had any questions about a rule that was made, I would not be afraid to ask. I have been behind her 100% after she found out she was ill and needed medical help for her illness before it became terminal. Today she is dealing with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) from an illness that is now carefully monitored. I can relate to her with that illness 100% because I too have CKD. My CKD was founded in February of this year (2016) during a biopsy test I had. I have Glomerulitis. I will not talk ill of SB. I am one of her favorite people from Burbank Plaza and I want to see her life continue into old age. Her parents do not want to have to bury another child they have had again, and I wish that they don’t ever have to. I find burying children before a parent sad and broken. I do not want to see or hear that she has died from her illness. I want her to grow old and be happy in life. God is in control of her life as He is with mine.

Bible Study/Prayer Meeting

Prayer meeting tonight was awesome. In fact my ride picked me up a little before 6:30 PM and it was not just CV but Pastor Van as well. As we talked on the way to church in Janesville, I had learned that I did not miss much except for the first two chapters of Jonah. I thought we were going to be in the last chapter of Jonah when it reality we are only in chapter 3 of the book. Whew. When Bible study/prayer meeting began, because CV and I were not there for two weeks, Pastor Van summarized the first two chapters for us both and the rest of the group that were there so we understood what the Book of Jonah was all about. I already know about Jonah and the big fish. A big fish took Jonah into its belly after he was thrown into the sea. The story about Jonah reminds me of Moby Dick in a way.

Home Now

Bible Study/Prayer meeting was not as long as it usually is on Wednesday nights because the Book of Jonah is a very short book – 4 chapters – and we are almost done. One more chapter of the book to go before it is done. It is a little big after 8:30 PM now and I am going to go to bed. I have a semi-busy day tomorrow in the morning and I want to be rested up and get up somewhat early so I have some quiet time before RK comes to assist with my shower. Also DB from IDS will be here tomorrow. I wonder if G is going to shadowing her again and that is something I have to wait and see. I am going to take my evening medications, get in comfortable night clothes, and go to bed. Bing will follow shortly.


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