Rain, Lazy Again Today…, and More Tomorrow Hopefully


This morning we got dark clouds in the sky above our building promising rain and I heard thunder in the sky far off in the distance, the wind picked up enough to show the tree branches in the backyard were swaying sideways in one direction, and then I heard the rain come down. I heard the rain coming down but I did not see it falling from the sky. It was not as quick as it started that the thunder was not heard anymore or the rain stopped for the rest of the morning but it did rain for a few minutes nonstop. I have not enjoyed thunderstorms or heavy winds throughout my life up to the present day but I have grown accustomed to the weather throughout the years. I have also always loved the smell of rain coming and falling ever since I was a child. Thunderstorms used to scare me because my ears were very sensitive to loud sounds like sirens, guns, and fireworks, but today that is no longer the problem. I am just very careful during thunderstorms, and I love fireworks now. Anyway, it was a beautiful rain today.


It seems that we have went from winter to summer this year. If we had any spring it seemed to be short lived in good ol’ Wisconsin. This is my opinion only and not exactly the truth but we have had a couple of mornings of frost in April. Instead of April showers we ended up getting almost winter weather temperatures and two days frost advisories from our local weather stations. I know that summer is not that far away now since we are in the last few days of May now and today it almost reached 90 degrees. It has been muggy and hot the past couple of days and rain and chances of thunderstorms is in affect through the rest of this week and the entire weekend. We are getting our April showers a month later than usual. I believe we are looking forward to a hot summer. I wore shorts for the first time Tuesday this spring/feels like summer days – this year.

Lazy Again Today…

My morning shower at 8:30 AM, food prep from 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM so I had a fairly busy morning until lunch but the rest of my day I have been lazy and took a little nap in my recliner while watching Law & Order: SVU, Columbo, and a couple of other recorded TV shows. I did not really get dressed today to go out. I dressed comfortably for the day. My IDS worker MM called me before noon (I think) to have our weekly talk. The reason why I say “I think” is because I did not look at the time the call came and I was watching TV (or trying to) when MM called. I think MM noticed that I was a little sidetracked because I had to ask her to repeat what she said to me because I was not hearing her very well but we got through our conversation and planned to see it each other on Tuesday around 10:30 AM because Monday being Memorial Day and IDS is not open that day and services are not happening that day for any of the clients…at least for me anyway. The only service I will be receiving on Monday is my shower. It is going to be a nice break for DB not seeing me until next Thursday, June 2, 2016. So today has been a lazy day for me in the afternoon after noon.

More Tomorrow Hopefully

I am hopeful that I will be back tomorrow.  It depends on the weather and how things go in the morning and throughout the day.  This is the first time I have taken the time to write in my Dear Diary journal for the first time without copying and pasting my diaries the first chance I get in the morning.  I know I am being silly about this at the moment but I do write in my journal daily…I do not post until the next morning when I have time before my shower gal(s) of the day get here (either at 8:30 AM or 9 AM – depending on the day and who my shower gal is).  I always do my best at having quiet time before my showers each day now because one of my shower gals can get under my skin on a very bad day of emotion or when I have my menses.  Because ResCare does not have any more home health personal care workers at this time, I still have BS as my shower gal every other weekend and every Friday and Monday.  I am still stuck with her.  This is a test of patience and understanding at this time.  God is in control here.

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