A Semi-Quiet Day, After 4 PM, Summer Break, and Good Night

A Semi-Quiet Day

For most of the day I stayed indoors until a little after 4:00 PM when I found something that to go the garbage. Before doing that, I read a couple of chapters of the book I am reading and almost done reading the entire book already. Twenty-eight chapters and I will be reading chapter twenty-one. I have watched movies on HMM most of the day and I did not have a nap for four days now. I am so happy. I feel so good inside and out with more energy. I have no idea where the energy is coming from. Is it because summer is coming? That is my thinking but I can be wrong. With my semi-quiet day I watched movies on HMM most of the afternoon, read, and then after 4:00 PM my semi-quiet day changed to some extent.

After 4 PM

I decided to take something to the garbage bins in the parking lot just to get a little fresh air and go for a little stroll around the building. I did not intend on seeing anyone or gabbing with neighbors until I saw friends/neighbors sitting outside so I decided to take time outside a little longer. I needed and wanted fresh air anyway. I sat outside in back at the table set out for us to chat. I came back in around 5:30 PM to take my 5:00 PM medications a half an hour late (better than never). I had gotten a call from Pastor Van about a ride to Bible study tonight and I found that CV, his wife, would be picking me up at 6:20 PM. I had a little time to watch a little bit more of HMM before heading out the door.

Summer Break

It is now summertime for Bible study/prayer meeting so we are now having a little break until sometime in September when studies resume again. School is almost out for the kids so us adults will be seeing kids of all ages in public more than usual during the time school is in session. Am I looking forward to seeing a lot of kids out and about? Yes and no. Burbank Plaza does not have kids living here. This place is for those who are 62 years of age and have financial help with SS or SSI. There are some young ones in the building but only four (maybe five) but since we lived here before the rules changed we have been grandfathered in or (grandmother(ed) in, lol). We do have grandparents who do live here so grandchildren come and go from time to time. I do not see that many kids in here visiting except for a couple of people I knew fairly well through being a neighbor. Summer break is on the rise. Spring is almost over. As for Bible study/prayer meeting, I will have to other studies here at home during that time. I am going to get used to the idea of no studies outside the home for a few weeks.

Good Night

This is the first time in a long time since I have been up real late. I am usually in bed or relaxing by 8:00 PM or so. Now that Bible study/prayer meeting is taking a break for the summer, staying up until almost 9:00 PM is not going to happen. It is almost 11:00 PM here in good ol’ Wisconsin. I have my shower at 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM, and food prep at 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM tomorrow morning so I should go to bed for the night. So I am going to say…

Good night. I will be back tomorrow as I have plans to write more then.

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