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My Mind Is Fixated On June 2nd

For some reason I am fixated on today’s date. I cannot understand why. It is one’s birthday in my immediate family. Why am I stuck on the 2nd of June today? I believe it is because I had to borrow money from a friend and my mother gave me some money to cover the rest of the month, and now that June is here and I get money deposited every month on the 3rd. I can be wrong, though. That is what I hope. I dislike being fixated on a day, number, and occasion because it can be time consuming trying to figure out why and it is very annoying. Tomorrow I can pay bills and that is what I am going to do before Sabbath begins at Friday sundown.

Is June 2nd something I remembered at one time in the past and now have inkling of what today’s number and date is supposed to be. That is what I find time consuming and annoying. It is like I have OCD or something. I know I have a little OCD but not too significant of it. Oh well. As long as I have a diary (or journal) to write my thoughts, feelings, and happenings of my day(s) or what is on my mind. My first thought of the day on the 2nd of June has been on my mind since the middle of May but finding out that my mind works in ways I am the only one who can understand and when I do not understand something I ask questions.

Thoughts On Columbo

This entry should have been the first one. Had awakened around 6:00 AM to the beginning of Columbo before I saw who was on in the episode alongside Peter Falk/Lt. Columbo. The movies of the same title air every morning Monday through Friday at 6:00 AM on HMM. I have seen ALL the episodes but I do have my favorites from 1969, which was “Prescription Murder guest starring Gene Barry. This morning I am recording “By Dawn’s Early Light” guest starring Patrick McGoohan who happens to be one of my other favorite actors. He may have died in 2009 at the age of 80 but he is still one of my favorites. Peter Falk is also one of my favorites.

As far as Columbo goes, the character played by Peter Falk is the best/greatest choice the network of his time on the show. I love how the character is serious, funny and somewhat silly, and somewhat wild looking with his unkempt hair and he is always wearing that jacket. I even love his car that actually stayed in the movies until when the Columbo movies were no longer made. The phrase, “Just one more thing” keeps popping up in my mind when I think of Columbo or watch it. Choosing Peter Falk for the role would have been my choice if I were in the business making movies in California or New York. Since I am just a fan of many favorite actors/actresses I do have to say that I am an ordinary middle class citizen living independently in my own place (an apartment I pay rent for every month) and take care of my finances, and enjoy what I do for a living (sharing about God and Jesus), read and write, I do not work outside the home. Ever since I got my Bachelor’s and Master’s (college degrees) in accounting the United States have fallen on hard times economically so jobs are hard to find right now in my city. Taking care of my finances is fun to me since I love numbers. I enjoy critiquing and watching movies and TV shows. So, even though I went off a little bit, that entry has been my thoughts on Columbo (today).

Food Preparation Day

Even though it has been only two hours since I had gotten up, I do have to say that I have a somewhat busy Thursday morning. I will be seeing DB for the first time this week (and month) since last Thursday when she was here with G. I am excited to see her and not at the same time. I am glad she got a day off from me this week. I do miss her.   MM was great on Tuesday, though. Seeing her was awesome! Today marks the first day of the month of June and my schedule will be back on track today with my IDS worker DB who is a DSP (Direct Support Professional). I am glad to be back on track. The holiday did not really throw me off this time like it has in the past and I do not know why or wish to find out why. I actually enjoyed having a day off of a lot of activity going on in one day. I know that Tuesday would have become my busiest day this week but it went just fine.

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