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It is not unusual for me to write individual entries from time to time and this morning I thought I would take a few minutes to write my thoughts down while I am awake and going to be getting reading for my day shortly.  I have grocery shopping and laundry/cleaning today after my shower gal leaves at 10 AM.  Since I have had my shower yesterday afternoon with RK here, I am just going to have a sponge bath this morning and continue with showering tomorrow.  I have come to dislike having showers in the morning after having a shower the afternoon the day before.  Why bother with a shower and wash my hair again?  I do not like the fuss really.  I guess I can be a little picky, LOL

For a Monday morning, after a somewhat restful weekend, I have to admit that the first day of week seems to be a day of pulling teeth just to get started for the “work” week. Going grocery shopping, doing laundry and cleaning is work for me…chores.  I love going grocery shopping but the laundry and cleaning portion of it really is a boring chore.  I know everyone does laundry and some do laundry everyday and clean weekly and often but this girl does like it much or not at all.  I am glad I have help with cleaning and laundry otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it weekly very well.  I also hate using money for laundry quarters once a month.  At Burbank Plaza a tenant spends about a $1.50 per load for wash and about a $1.50 for dry.  I think it’s ridiculous that there are companies out there who get money from others for their paychecks like that.  I spend about $30 a month on laundry!!  I feel that laundromats should charge for using their washer and driers in order to pay for the upkeep of the laundromat and give the workers their paychecks but in housing complexes, and group home there should not be a cost.  I know of companies ripping people off for their service(s) and those on low income are targeted for scams.  I believe a $1.50 for both wash and dry a piece is a lot of money per week.  It’s sad in my thinking.  When I first moved in to Burbank Plaza apartments, when the building was Teamsters Manor, 18 years ago, a load of laundry (wash and dry) was only 75 cents a load.  I can understand that a load of laundry being a $1 but $1.50…not favorable.  I know I am only wishing here but someone has to make money somewhere everywhere.  I understand paying bills for services, rent, and groceries is the way life is for everyone – house payments.mortgage but when it comes to laundry. I am just not favorable spending $30 a month.  i can take that $30 and use it for tithe at church, groceries, saving up for something I want or really need.

I think I took more than a few minutes here.  Once in a while i will get going on a thought and will express it openly without really looking at the time.  My shower gal will be here at 9 AM CST and I will be getting ready for my day.  I feel I got going on a rampage on one thought already this morning and that is normal in my life.  Sometimes I hold my thoughts in and not share them with anyone unless it is the right time.  I remember last night that I had said I have a lot of thoughts going through my mind and will share them later this week.  The laundry was one of those thoughts as well as having a weekend of having only shower service, church, and more free time from my IDS service twice a week is another thought I have to share more on.  I am writing an individual entry this morning before I start my day and sharing my life with others instead of combining entries throughout the day to start out with.  I will be back later.

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