Just An Entry of Jabber, LOL

My thoughts are going back and forth but the sun is gone for the night here in good ol’ humid Wisconsin. I am going to bed for the night. I am going to forget about watching anymore TV tonight. I am ready for bed. I have a busy day tomorrow from 9 AM to almost 3 PM. I am ready for bed. No sleeping in the recliner tonight! I need to break from that habit of mine no matter what time it is…nap or bed at night. I need to break the habit. Like I said at the beginning, I do have thoughts going back and forth…have to share them later in the week once I sort them out. I have an appointment on Tuesday this week. I will be seeing my counselor SW that day. Good night. Tomorrow is another day…fine or not…it will be another day. Why did I say “fine or not?” UUGGHH…I NEED TO STOP THINKING NEGATIVELY. Time for bed and no more writing…good night.

Author: ksmiley

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