My Sabbath Day

I will not argue about how my day went when it was very good. I had a good day…indeed. I went to church this morning with friends who also attend, had potluck, and prayer group. Saw GH this morning and he has shaven his beard and mustache since the last time I saw him. I am not sure if it was just done this week or between last I was in Beloit and today. Other church members saw the “new look” GH had so I bet he had it done between last Saturday and today’s Saturday. He looks great, younger, and very handsome. I noticed it right away. GH and his wife AH are wonderful people. TB, a member of the SDA church was the presenter of the sermon this morning. Whenever Pastor Van and his wife do not attend church, other members of the SDA church present the sermon of the week. GH did the Sabbath school lesson this morning. We enjoyed each other’s company at potluck and prayer meeting after church before heading back home. I ALWAYS enjoy going to church on Sabbath Saturday with friends who I consider family.

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