My Christian Thoughts (Happy Sabbath!)

Yes, I am a Seventh-day Adventist by heart, mind, and spirit.  I am really happy to be a Seventh-day Adventist.  So here I am glad it is Sabbath.  Pastor Van and his wife CV are picking me up around 8:45 AM this morning to take and get me to church this morning.  Woo hoo, happy Sabbath!

Now I understand that not everyone is a Seventh-day Adventist and go to church on Sundays or not at all.  I understand some people do not believe in God.  Some people have an understanding about things unseen do not exist.  My heart prays for what is necessary and important to me whether or not it involves me.  I understand people who do not believe in God or do not understand, plus those who have been strong in their faith once and finding it hard to keep up their faith once something goes awry in their life.  I have seen very friendly people become cold and not talkative for a while as I have experienced it myself personally with one beautiful neighbor for a few months.  With this neighbor, I continued to pray for her, say hello to her despite the response I got back which was more of an ignore or an unfriendly smile.  One day, out of the blue, she smiled at me and say hi back when I said hello to her.  Her coldness had disappeared and she became friendly.  Whatever happened, between us or in her own life, had caused her to separate herself from some people.  Now, when I see this wonderful neighbor, I can say hi and she will say hello right back as she wheels herself right on to her destination in life.  She is indeed beautiful.  I never gave up on her despite her coldness.

Now, I have been praying for a dear friend of mine, who has issues in her life as I prefer her not being in my life due to my own health and wellbeing today.  I have a Seventh-day Adventist friend who thinks differently than I do about this friend of mine as she is a friend of hers as well.  I have not really spoken to this seventh-day Adventist friend on the phone lately about our friend because my feelings and actions are private.  I had made the mistake of telling my SDA friend that I can only pray for our friend now and cannot get involved in her life anymore without getting sick again or even hurt which is definitely something that has happened, and the words I had gotten back from this SDA friend is that our friend does not have family or friends and one day it may happen to me.  I was embarrassed hearing those words when someone else was present otherwise those words would not have hurt me so badly.  If only she knew what has been happening in my life lately, my SDA friend would not have said what she said.  She already has a daughter who rarely talks to her.  I see her reasoning here but this should have been executed privately.  Sometimes my SDA friend does not think before she speaks any longer.  I rarely talk to her now unless I see her at church, in the public areas of the building we both live in, and when I have something for her at my place for her to pick up…like today after church.  She was gone to visit a friend of ours who is living in a ?group home? while I went to church and a friend at church brought me home after prayer time and brought her some food that was left at my house to be given to her.

To be continued…

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