Thoughts For Monday, June 20, 2016

I will not argue how my day went because it went just fine.  It is going to be 9 PM shortly so I am going to take a few minutes before retiring for the night.  My usual Monday grocery shopping after my shower.  This morning I did not have a shower really.  I just had a sponge bath because the idea of getting in a hot shower in a morning that was already getting warm did not sound like fun to me.  I dislike lukewarm showers but love hot showers.  I know…strange, I am for sure.  After grocery shopping my worker from Independent Disabilities Services (DB) decided to take my laundry to the laundromat nearby instead of doing my laundry here at the building because the washers are not working right and DB does not trust them right now.  After she got back from the laundromat she came to clean and then leave.  While she was gone, Bing Crosby and I held down the fort, and I put dishes away after they sat long enough to dry while DB and I were at the grocery store.  The idea of DB going to the laundromat was spur of the moment and I really liked the idea.  I wonder if she will do that again next week.

Okay… After yesterday’s political discussion with my mom on the phone I had gotten real sick to my stomach and could not even sit long enough to watch a recorded TV program or Sunday night’s Hallmark’s Movies and Mysteries (HMM) channel and fell asleep until 4 AM in the morning and heading to bed for the remainder of my sleep.  I decided to lay down in bed until around 7:15 AM and then get up for the day.  The idea of my mother filled with such hatred for government officials just floored me last night and yet today.  I know that politics is one of the three worst subjects to talk to someone about but the idea or feeling that my mom is filled with hatred does surprise me.  Is she very prejudiced or very blind?  Of course, I do not have any control what the President of the United States does or says when he speaks but I know what I have control of…my reaction to my mom’s feelings about political happenings and my reaction yesterday and part of today have been a little undesirable…honestly.  Looking at what is happening to our country today and has been happening ever since I was brought into this world is prophecies being fulfilled, if not already, as said in the Bible.  Jesus’ second coming is going to happen soon.  There is so much hatred happening now in our own country!  I am okay now.  My thoughts are out whether others agree with me or not.  I am not going to talk politics with my mom and her husband again.  I won’t with my dad and his wife, and my sister.

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