Been Thinking About Daytime Dramas/Soap Operas

I have nothing against watching a daytime/soap opera from time to time but I cannot watch them every day like I once did years ago.  I used to watch Days of Our Lives, Bold and the Beautiful, and Young and the Restless.  I do not do so every day any longer because my life is a lot like a TV soap opera now…it seems.  Last night I watched the Haves and Have Nots soap opera and wondered why I even bothered beginning watching it last season when it was on  for a couple of years now.  I have watched all the seasons of Pretty Little Liars and I feel that is my weekly soap opera I cannot miss or record it and watch it later.  I really love the show and gotten to know and like the actors and actresses from the very beginning even though now it has become a real good cliff hanger type of show and I have to wait until the next time the show airs the following week.  As my real life continues to play its role as myself I love the idea of escaping the real world and watch TV or read a book.  Getting involved in a book  has become an escape for me from the real world of stress, constant reminders of plans, appointments, chores, and wonders of what is going to happen.  Some days I feel like I live such a boring life because I rarely visit other neighbors in Burbank Plaza or outside the building but then again if I feel bored from time to time it’s definitely my own fault.  I do not live a boring life and I do visit my neighbors from time to time in our community room.  I just like to be alone and throw in a planned get together with a friend outside the building from time to time.  I love my life…soap opera/daytime drama feeling or not.

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