Some Quick Thoughts Tonight

I have decided, with the summer being what it is…hot and busy, and some things are changing, I am not going to keep up with journaling/writing in my diary every day like I would like to.  Yes, I have a lot to say and share but time only has twelve hours in a day and I surely do not have all twelve hours to write as much as I wish or would like/love to.  The love of writing and journaling does have its closed times to in my book.

I have started a new regimen of sleep last night and actually fell asleep in the recliner until almost 11 PM and then headed to bed.  I did hear my med alarm go off at 8 PM last night but fell back to sleep until a little after 10:30 PM. As soon as I got up to head to bed for the rest of the night, I took my medication.  I took my medication early tonight since I have to get up early tomorrow to get ready for church and be out the door before 7:30 AM for 8 AM service at Bethel Baptist church with neighbors who live close by my building.  Thank you, IH and DH.

With that said…I do have a lot to say but in time I will write when I can…even if it is another entry tomorrow.  I am going to shut the lights off, get into my pajamas, take my melatonin – as I have taken my 8 PM meds early tonight – to relax before finally going to bed or sleep.  I am working on getting 8 hours of sleep a night that started Thursday evening with little success the first night…6 hrs and 30 minutes of sleep the first night.  So I am going to say good night and God bless.

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