Hope Was Not Lost

Another day has come upon us all.  The weekend has ended and now a new five-day work week has come.  It was raining when I left for church yesterday morning but it stopped during church and Sunday School yesterday morning because when I left the church building, I saw that some dry patches were on the ground already.  Another hot day has arrived (yesterday) as it was 91 degrees outdoors after 11 AM.  Hope was not lost when I found out there was no stormy weather coming my way in Janesville, Wisconsin…just rain.  Today the sun is shining and it is already 75 degrees out.  After my shower… I plan to go grocery shopping and Family Dollar, clean and do laundry.  I do not know what DB is planning to do as far as doing my laundry here or elsewhere, before or after cleaning.  I will find out when I see her at 10 AM.  As for my day yesterday, hope was not lost.

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