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I cannot even think of anything to say/write about—strange enough.  My week so far has been somewhat busy but not totally busy to this point in real life.  I do have to admit that it has been a fair week so far, though.  Busy on Monday as always.  I had a couple of things to do in the same area yesterday morning and before 12 noon and I believe it has been  the first day I was able to get out for a while to see people even though most of the people were total strangers.  I had gotten my labs drawn for the month of June yesterday and received the results from the lab yesterday and today.  My creatinine is 2.00 and my protein/creatinine ratio is .51.  Both numbers, in my case and point in time of 28 years and 3 months since the kidney transplant, are good and satisfactory (doctor’s agree).  Since last summer, my kidney started to show elevated protein dumping into my urine so a biopsy was done on February 1, 2016 to determine if my kidney was rejecting or showing signs of distress in other areas.  I was able to leave the clinic that day with news that my kidney was not rejecting but the biopsy will show in more detail what was going on with it. I had learned that I was  having chronic rejection because the glomeruli in the kidney were inflamed and not filtering out properly so I began a new regimen of medicine called Lisinopril (a medication that can be used for blood pressure as well) right away and I saw a doctor who specializes in the area of my CKD – Glomerulitis – in March, and the doctor, Dr. S has increased my Lisinopril dosage and took me off Azathioprine/Imuran and was put on a new medication called Micophenolate/Cellcept  .  I take 500mg of Cellcept daily (2 times a day).  Dr. S has tried me on 1000mg a day with the same drug (2 times a day) but we had to continue taking the lower dosage do to side affects.  I have continued to monthly labs for my transplant team to keep an eye on things together as a team.  I am doing EVERYTHING the doctors want me to do at this point and I am doing great.  I have a reason to be celebrating and praising God for his wonderful work in my life and around it. If no one believes in miracles, it is hard to believe in God.  I believe in miracles and I believe in God.  I am a miracle myself.  I was born at a time in my parents life they were only expecting one baby and the baby died before she was even born (stillborn) and a second heartbeat was not heard.  I am a surviving twin – the identical twin who was not expected and survived.  I became my mother’s miracle from the moment I was born.  So seventeen years later, still at age 17 but my 18th birthday was not that far away,  my mother gave me life (hope) for a second chance to live and I have (gratitude) a reason to be a very happy person right now.

With that, leaving on another happy note, the other errand I did was look at new glasses (frames) and found a pair that I really liked so I will have two pair of glasses real soon instead of one.  The glasses I am using right now are my most favorite glasses and have been since I have had gotten them three years ago so they will be my backup glasses or considered my good pair of glasses.  I am thinking of accessorizing my outfits with the two pair of glasses I will have because my prescription for the lenses I have haven’t changed.  The new frames I picked are of a different nature but are of the color I do like (or at least found a lighter color)  The glasses I have now have a red or rose color to them while my new glasses will have pink in the bows.  I will be getting my glasses in a couple of weeks or so.

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