New Beginnings


There is a lot of transitioning going on right now in my world (my life personally) and begun last summer.  Well, today begins the new family care plan in Wisconsin.  I have picked IRIS.  I am no longer working with someone with Catholic Charities so I am going to miss JM and TG.  They were my sounding board for a while and now I have a worker at IRIS by the name of NL (first and last names are omitted – initials only) and I really like her.  Before IRIS began today I have been in communication with her off and on since we met to get the paperwork and the introductions out of the way.  From meeting NL I do have to admit that getting to know her will be easy peasy for the most part.  I still have IDS as my program of choice as I did not want to lose the help from them after establishing a schedule that finally works with and for me.

Kidney Is Stable

On June 28, 2016 I went to the Dean Clinic to get my monthly kidney labs drawn for Madison.  At this time my kidney labs show that I am stable. I am in stage 4 renal failure with a creatinine level at 2.0 and my protein/creatinine ratio is .51, and my BUN is 50.  \I have been running between 40 and 50 with the BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen), and in May my creatinine was 2.10, and my protein/creatinine ratio was .88, and in April my protein/creatinine ratio was .66.  I was happy to see the protein/creatinine ratio is where my kidney transplant team and myself want it.  No, I am not a professional in the world of medicine but I am very good about doing what the doctors have asked me to do to transition from one thing to another or stay the same in the meds I take.  In the past several days I have asked the right questions about what I am inquiring about.  I find that scary sometimes.

The First of the Month

So far so good.  I have not run into any hiccups yet regarding the first of the month.  I am just transitioning from one aspect to another as far as getting help from people to some extent as explained in the first paragraph.  With it being Friday, I am so glad to see that the weekend is upon us all on earth today (time differences all over the world) and Sabbath is soon arriving and I am looking forward to going to church tomorrow with the Pastor Van and his wife.  I have been looking forward to the weekends coming once Thursday hit.

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