Another Fine Day

Today was a fantastic day. I did not have to go grocery shopping this morning so DB and I cleaned and did the laundry (together after the wash) and then at 3 PM I joined other friends in the community room during the Puppy Hour. My friends RS, SG, and I played a couple of games of dice called 50,000 but the first game was only up to 30,000. After the games were over with, I took RS’s Sport pup outside to go potty and took him to my place for a while so RS can have time with friends or get other things done, and have some alone time. It has been nice/great having Sport here during the afternoon and early evening hours before I go to bed. Sport pup does not like to be alone lately.

I am so excited. I got a call from Dean Optical letting me know that my new glasses have come in so tomorrow, since I have to go and get labs for my doctors in Madison and Mercy regarding my kidney, I will getting my glasses as well. Although the glasses I have right now are my most favorite glasses. I have had them for three years now and this year I have decided to get a second pair of glasses in case one of the pairs of glasses need to be repaired.

Today is an Aunt’s birthday. She is 81 years old. Happy birthday, Aunt JK!


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