A Busy Thursday

Oh my goodness gracious, what a week it has been. I have been busy everyday this week except for July 4, 2016. Where has the time gone by? Because Monday was a holiday, IDS did not do any services on Monday so Tuesday I went grocery shopping, did laundry and cleaning, and there was a program in the community room of the building I went to after helping MM from IDS putting my wash in the dryers upstairs. While I went to the program of music, I allowed MM to clean and finish up my laundry and put it away. She finally left at 3 PM but I was still enjoying the music program. The program did not even end until 4:30 PM and I was really enjoying the afternoon with other neighbors and friends of Burbank Plaza. I told myself that I had to get out more and socialize with neighbors and friends.

When I decided this, I have just began a new way of eating better and healthier, and I have been doing so since Tuesday now, and I am happier. Anyway, I am busy the entire weekend and tomorrow I have a med check at Genesis Counseling services. My three-month med check has come up quickly – seemingly anyway. My birthday was on Sunday, July 3, 2016, and my friends Pastor Van and his wife CV took me to the Olive Garden for lunch today as their birthday present to me. I had Stuffed Chicken Masala and it was sooooooooo good! After lunch I came home and enjoyed company with other neighbors and friends. I actually got into a game of 50,000 with three friends in the community room, and then took my friend’s RS dog Sport to my house for a while until after 6 PM.

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