Living A Good Life

Ahhh, I am getting back on track today after the Independence Day holiday in good ol’ Wisconsin. I went grocery shopping since IDS was closed for the Monday holiday with my IDS case manager MM. I almost forgot about the music program going on today when I heard the music while going up to the laundry room with MM. When we came back down she told me to go in and enjoy the music while she finished what she was doing (cleaning and laundry) before leaving at 3 PM or so. The music program was going on until 4:30 PM, which I found fun, enjoyable, and real upbeat. This has become my first full day without any boredom in my life. I realized how much fun it could be beyond the same four walls of my apartment. Actually I believe had I forgotten. Having depression, anxiety, and (panic from time to time) does not please me or make me feel real good inside.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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