Taking Advantage of a Holiday

Ahhh, a sugar headache this morning when I woke up from sleep. I guess I will be eating the last of my birthday cake today since I could find anyone to give a piece of cake to in my building. My closest friends would not even jump to the chance of having any cake. Here I am…going to have the last bit of my birthday cake today. Uugghh! Oh well. My birthday cake is not in the spotlight today. Today is Independence Day, and it is a day to celebrate with red, white, and blue on the mind of many. Fireworks happening tonight but I will not be going. I am allowing others who do not mind the hassle and large crowds of people and families. I am not a large crowd kind of gal. Neighbors/Friends have plans (grilling out) and eating together as a family but I am taking advantage of my 4th of July resting and watching recorded TV programming all day. I am going to spend the last day in my apartment all day long today. I have some Law & Order: SVU programs to watch, and other recorded programs on my DVR to watch as well. I have already listened to some music that deals with Independence Day.

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