A Busy Thursday

1:57 PM CST

My kidney creatinine is 2.46 today and my BUN is 62..  I called my kidney transplant coordinator a little bit ago asking her to call me back.  I am concerned but not worried per se….just concerned and hoping she will call me back.

2:30 PM CST

My kidney coordinator did call me back and she told me that my creatinine could be up due to the medication I am taking for the protein/creatinine ratio to be where it is, dehydration due to the hot and humid weather, or it could be that my protein/creatinine ratio went up a little again.  Yes, I had a slight panic, and yes, I was embarrassed about it.  My kidney coordinator KF and I ended our conversation on the same page – wait and see what my other counts that we are waiting for tomorrow (Friday).

The Rest Of My Day

I do have to admit the rest of my day was pretty much roaming about the building (before my tests results came in and after getting home from running my errand(s)).  I saw RS and Sport helping her reconnect her Kindle Fire to the internet because she was confused on what happened to the connection to the internet.  I got her set up on my wireless network. Then I came home to relax and feel nervous about my protein/creatinine ratio until I decided to go to bed a little after 8 PM to get some rest with hope of not having a worrisome night of sleep.

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