A Busy Thursday

Today was my usual food prep day but DB and I had time to work on some cleaning as well.  I have once again moved my laptop computer back to the living room and now using it at the desk I have.  I disconnected my desktop computer keyboard from the desktop computer (iMac) and now using it for another purpose momentarily.  My laptop (MacBook Air) has found its permit home now.  I am using the keyboard drawer for my laptop now.  The iMac keyboard is serving a fine purpose as a lap keyboard and USB port for things that will work fine.

I am so grateful that Thursday has come and will be leaving soon.  I have been going to VBX every night since Monday and really enjoying myself and tonight, unfortunately, ended on a stormy and rainy night during VBX and when I had finally gotten home.  I thought the stormy weather, including thunder and lightning was not going to end anytime soon.  It was such a very hot day all day long.  Although the temperature for Wisconsin was 94 degrees, it felt like 108 degrees according the heat index.  It felt awful walking out in that horrid heat tonight just to get into a car to get to church tonight.   I had gotten home in the rain with Pastor Van making sure that nothing got soaked.  I was not worried about me getting wet, though.  It would have probably cooled me off some until the rain settled into my bones in a chilling manner as rain always does when you are soaked to the bone.

VBX was awesome tonight!  It has been awesome ever since it begun.  It started on May 18 and ends tomorrow night at 8:15 PM and we have a special program to show Saturday morning during worship service.

I had talked to Pastor Van and CV about what the one person said for the second time now about how much I post and that I should tone it down and how it has upset me for since it happened the night before.  I was so glad to get it off my chest and I will continue to post what I want to post on Facebook whenever I can without having any more worries.

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