Another Busy Day

Another fine day has come and gone here.  Yes, another fine day indeed.  How could I have slept away most of it?  I was tired and could not keep awake.  It is amazing how bodies rejuvenate themselves so they can be at least functional.  All I did do today was watch Law & Order on channel 19 ION and slept.  I even tried reading but that failed miserably as I could not really concentrate to keep my eyes open.  The book I am now reading is not boring, though.  I started a new book today.  “Evensong”.  I guess a nap was needed before I left at 5 PM to VBX (Vacation Bible Experience).

I am really enjoying myself at VBX.  I am not just enjoying the kids learning.  I am learning as well.  I cannot ask for more when I go to church now-a-days because I am always learning something new and amazing.  Since VBX is happening this week at the Woodland Community Church, I have been happy getting out and being with others.  I cannot ask for more…seriously.

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