A Busy Morning @ Burbank Plaza Apartments

I was trying to get a hold of KR in the office this morning after my shower but she did not answer the phone so I left a message.  It is unusual for her not to answer the phone when I call and says what she says to me on the phone.  She came to my apartment and asked me what I wanted/needed.  She then proceeded to tell me that a neighbor passed away in her apartment.  I looked at her like it was unbelievable as I saw her outside having a cigarette more than two times yesterday and she seemed fine.  Her worker had found her gone when she came to do services for her.  I just could not believe it but knew that the neighbor’s health was declining and has been for a while because she was hospitalized a lot in the past few months due to medication issues.

Police were here yesterday, the coroner, M.E., and the neighbor’s worker, and the worker’s boss were all here at different times of the day throughout the rest of the day.  My worker, who is on vacation due to the 4-H Fair so I have a sub – BS – this entire week until Saturday.  I wonder if the police were here already doing a welfare check on the neighbor.  My worker and the neighbor’s worker – PCW – work for the same company.  I cannot wait until RK gets back on Sunday!  RK knows what happened today.  This week has become a week with unforeseeable

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