The Last Day of July 2016

I cannot believe that July 2016 is going to end today.  Where did this month go?  It went by very quickly…unbelievable.  I am glad a new “work” week has begun today even though today is the last day of the month.  I just keep going and living life the best I can from day to day.  I cannot even tell much about last week without getting emotional because I definitely had mixed feelings last week from day to day.  I can admit that last week was one week filled with surprise after surprise.  Last week was laughable, shocking, filled with tears and crying (inwardly and outwardly), and confusing.  I was so grateful for some of the laughter…joyous when it was needed and most necessary, and most importantly, time away from the building Friday afternoon shopping for “women” things and getting something I wanted.  Today, RK returns back to work today after having last week off due to the 4-H Fair in Janesville, Wisconsin.  Her son DK had entered some projects for the fair and I am wondering how well he did.  DK is autistic and he has done very well throughout his 4-H career.  I cannot believe that 4-H is about ready to end for DK, though.  He is 16 years old and will be a junior in high school…the same high school I attended.  I will be HAPPY to see RK back.  A lot has happened. this past month that I cannot tell about it all.  I am still wondering how R had passed away between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning and found dead in her apartment during a welfare check.  Anyway, despite how my month went or even last week, this is the last day of July 2016 forever.  Memories will remain in my heart … good or not so good … rememberable things that cannot be forgotten even though I wish I could.

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