Another Day Has Gone By

Another day has gone by.  I cannot say it went by fast, slowly, or just right because I have not noticed the time sequence much.  I do know it has been somewhat hectic since last week but lived none-the-less.  Mixed emotions have been playing roles in my life since last week Sunday but there has been lights showing up at the end of the tunnels where it is not well lit or dark.  No, I am not depressed.  I just have had a lot of things around me going on.  Since Thursday of last week our building has had no buzzer system because the thunderstorm hit the antenna and I know of one tenant who has lost her entire TV because of the storm.  Since R has passed away, now I know her last name…M has left this place with holes in many hearts along with tears. Today I saw family members RM while heading up to see RS at her place with stuff of RM’s.  I passed on my condolences to them.  RS and I came down to “Puppy Hour” even though the room was filled with RM’s stuff from her now available apartment for a new tenant.  It was a sad day to see RM’s stuff on the tables in the community room.  There was no room to play dice or sit and chat with friends.  Tenants were coming in and going through RM’s stuff to take for themselves what they wanted at family’s request and what RM wanted to do when she left us on earth to be with Jesus.  Even today the electrician was here to check out the buzzer system to find out what was wrong with it and found that a certain part has to be replaced for it to work again.  The part, not available at the moment, has to be ordered in order to replace it.  Tenants and I have to bear with a buzzer system that DOES NOT work until the part comes in and the electrician comes to repair the buzzer system.  I will be honest with the buzzer system not working.  It is an inconvenience yet silence is golden.  It is just too quiet right now.

As for my day I got online for a while but not off and on like I normally do throughout the day.  I just did not feel like it.  I watched TV, read, and napped for a few minutes.  Bing Crosby the cat, too, did his own things throughout the day as well.  That is the kind of day I had all day.  Seeing RM’s stuff in the community room made me feel like I was in the way while other tenants rummaged through her things.  I rummaged through her things as well, too, but not at every table.  I was making feel uncomfortable and sad.  I surely DO NOT want family to pass on my stuff to total strangers.  I find it okay among friends and family, though.  Tomorrow marks one full week with RM gone from us all by death due to undetermined reasons at this time.  Nothing was found yet.  Family believe it was a heart attack that took RM because her arteries were pretty clogged up while some of us saw she was acting like she was having a stroke or several little ones towards the evening when she began stuttering and having difficulties staying upright.

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