A Late Night

A late night.  I am usually off my computer by now at 8:30 PM but not tonight.  I wanted to do some journaling before retiring to bed just to get some nervous, tired, and anxious energy released.  Yes, this is going to be somewhat of a vent or an entire vent.  Not really sure yet.  I have been dealing with some mixed emotion lately.  I have been through a lot for a while now and I am still feeling the loss of our neighbor dying during the night almost two weeks ago now and yesterday I had learned that a dear friend of Pastor Van’s and CV’s passed away Saturday Sabbath.  My heart felt my heart feel the loss.  Another death has happened among friends and family once again.  I went to the community room for a little while, during Puppy Hour, but had to leave for reason that Bing Crosby the cat seemed sad all day.  I wanted to be with him as much as I could today even though today was grocery shopping day for me.  I got out of the apartment for a while.

Today was the last day for a shower gal to work with me.  A new shower gal resumes on Fridays, every other weekend, and Mondays.  I feel that I have one stressor removed from my life and now I have to heal from that and move on while healing.  I have done everything I could to keep the shower gal I have had replaced but our personalities no longer worked together.  It makes my heart ache even though I did the right thing.  The company was able to help me find someone new for me to replace the shower gal and I am grateful.

Now i am starting to feel tired.  I have come down from my anxiety.  Another day to come and I have a busy morning.  I am going to say good night and God bless.

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