I Believe I Got A Lot Done This Weekend…Maybe Not…

What a fine day to relax and do much of nothing, lol.  Of course this does not stop the schedule I have going on day by day.  Today I have had my shower at 3 PM, did a lot of reading, I did surf the web a little bit, did some Facebooking, Bible reading, watched Diagnosis Murder starring Dick Van Dyke, his son Barry Van Dyke.  The show was on all day as a marathon on HMM today, and personal reading.  I have been reading a story titled Evensong and it is real good.  I am almost done with the book.  As far as reading Evensong, I do have to admit that it is very hard to put the book down to do other things that are priority, more important.  I love to procrastinate whenever possible to be very honest with myself and the friends and family who know me well or too well.

As far as this weekend went, I believe it could have gone better.  I missed church this weekend entirely because of another bout of gas pain once again.  I was not very happy about missing church either Saturday or Sunday this weekend.   I cannot wait to return back to church this coming Sabbath.  Even though Sabbath was here Friday sundown to Saturday sundown, not going to church felt very awkward since I was not feeling the greatest.  I hope tomorrow my gas pain attack will have subsiding enough to do some walking at Woodman’s while grocery shopping.

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