One of Those Days

In reality I have not really wanted anyone here today.  I just wanted Bing and I to have the day to ourselves.  I did not want to get online much today except through my cell phone and play a couple of games while watching some recorded TV programs or some Live TV along the way.  I did have BS, my shower gal come at 4 PM today but I did not want a shower or a sponge bath.  I did not want to be touched – I did not want to touch myself.  I did not go to church today because I had awakened again in the night after midnight to gas pains that drove me crazy.  I love how Satan works on people who truly love God with all their hearts.  I hope and know that I will feel better in 48 to 72 hours.  I guess my body does not like certain foods anymore and a lot of greasy and fatty foods.  That is a good step up in the right direction to eating right for sure.  BS was still here making my bed, making comments about things in my apartment like there is BM on my toilet paper roll which I did not know and she made noises of disgust, she did my dishes, and put lotion on my arms.  She wanted to brush my hair but I told her I did not want my hair brushed.  She listened to me.  So I refused a shower or a sponge bath for the first time with BS.  I just wanted to be left alone really.  Well, she comes tomorrow and I will have a shower for sure.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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