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It has been a fairly good day – after BS left for the day and night.  I will have a break from her until 4PM tomorrow afternoon shortly after I return home from church.  I have enjoyed the quietness and talked to MM for an hour when she called to see what I have been up to.  The A/C replacement is working wonderfully. I am not freezing out or getting too hot during the cycle stage being off.  Remembering seeing the frozen water –  iceberg – between the A/C and the A/C cover was real freaky and I hope never to see that again.  Once BS does not work here anymore I will not be feeling the pressure of having the A/C on for her when I feel it is not necessary.  The A/C cycle works wonders with this A/C replacement.  Whatever happens to my other A/C is not a problem for me anymore.  I am grateful for the A/C I have now.

I have talked to MP from Almost Family this morning and she apologized to me that what happened between me and BS last week had shown that BS went downhill fast.  She and another gal at Almost Family is working on a replacement for me but MP said because of how BS takes things, they want to wait for after the weekend to talk to BS about not coming here anymore.  I even talked to MM about what has been happening between the two of us -BS and me – and my IDS DSP DB noticed how BS was when there was an overlap and DB understand why I get so upset every time BS comes here.  When the time comes to have a now PCW from Almost Family, I will be very happy all over again.  No more sucking the life out of me BS.

I know a lot of things have happened since July 24, 2016, but I do have to admit that life does go on and there is a ray of sunshine in every cloudy moment in time throughout the day.   I rarely watch comedy sitcoms or comedy dramas but yesterday and today I watched The Carbonaro Effect (yesterday) and Modern Family (today).  I had some laughter the past couple of days and then the maintenance who came over to take care of the A/C for me also made me smile and laugh and forget all of my troubles for a while.  J is very good with that.  J has been very busy lately.  I hardly ever see him but today was a wonderful exception despite that it was to take care of a troublesome A/C.

Now time is closing in toward Sabbath here.  I am going to say good night and God bless.

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