Thoughts Do Not Come With A Magic Spell

When it comes to writing in my journal or diary as this is, I find that my thoughts do not come with a magic spell.  I am glad they do not come that way to be very honest with myself, God, and my friends who know I love to write.  Yes there is good magic we call illusion but the magic I am thinking about is the dark magic of witches and warlocks.  There are people out there who play with magic for the wrong reason in life.  That is a sad situation and a sad thing to even know about when you are a Christian and believe in God or Higher Power we know of.  I take my Christian faith as a Seventh-day Adventist very seriously and love God very much.  I have watched TV shows that involved dark magic and its gruesome after affects that have happened to people because some people want to worship Satan over worshiping God the Father of Heaven who sent his beloved Son Jesus Christ to us in flesh and bone among people in Jesus’ time to later be crucified on the cross for all who sin.  A girl was put on death row – the youngest of all the death mates in the mid to late 90’s because she decided to kill another girl, and the girl who got arrested and put on death row did not have any remorse of doing that.  She was involved in a satanic cult of two others.  I do not know how to feel with the whole matter.  What happened to the girl who was sacrificed was very sad and horrible, and the girl who got arrested with no remorse or feeling made me very angry and she got what she deserved for the crime she committed.  I feel bad for the family who lost their daughter to a horrible death and I am angry at the girl who committed the horrible and sick crime.  All because the girl (dead) was prettier she was mutilated and the girl (criminal) was jealous?  Very sad and horrible at the same time.

My thoughts do not come with a magic spell.  I am glad they do not.  It means I can think for myself and continue on with my day no matter what my day is all about…busy or not…not today.  I have been lazy and slept a little bit of my morning away and my afternoon, watched some TV and read at the same time with a cat on my lap.  Whenever Bing is sleeping on my desk chair I do not get on my computer much…or ever unless I have to get some work done.  What do I mean about the word “work”.  I mean do my journaling, Facebook, reading the Bible devotion or devotionals, make sure my finances are in order, and play a few games.  I enjoy reading a lot just like my mother does so I have that to do now-a-days when Bing is sitting in my desk chair.  I rarely have my TV on now-a-days during the day.  I listen to music of some kind, and on Mondays and Thursdays, I prefer to have my thoughts in order and be with my worker DB then hiding behind a laptop writing unless I have to really do it.

My thoughts do not come with a magic spell.  I do believe in illusion and wonder how magicians do their work and want to know the steps of how they do an illusion but I have not found a magician who would ever reveal their secret.  That’s okay, though.  The secret can stay with the right people.  I will stay away from dark magic and dangerous people who deal with that.  The hope I have is God.  My life depends on Him.  I have gotten this far in life and I wish to go further in life.  God has given three changes at this time to live  and share what is very important to me.  I do my Christian missionary from home or wherever I am at…computer or cell phone.  I love God and I’m very grateful/thankful for all He has done for me throughout my life.  I may not have understood when I was a child, a teenager, or a young adult, but I surely do understand now what my life is all about.  If someone in my life does not understand I find that okay.  I will always pray for those who do not understand.

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