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What a fine day.  I barely got anything done once again because Bing Crosby the Cat decided to confiscate my desk chair to do any writing beyond journaling and playing games this afternoon.  What did I get done?  Some recorded TV programming, reading Hostile Witness, a shower this afternoon and was relaxing comfortably with Bing on my lap from time to time while I read or watched TV.  Oh yeah, I charged my Fitbit Flex because it was running on low battery.  It had  to be charged up fully after it completely died yesterday morning about an hour and 30 minutes before I had to leave for church.  Today was relaxing for the most part anyway.  It was enjoyed and liked very much.

Tomorrow begins my first Monday with my “new” shower gal M.  I know her last name now.  It is MP.  I am usually in bed by now after 9 PM and getting ready to go to sleep but not tonight.  I will get plenty of sleep for the most part.  I thought that I just could not go to bed without having my entry written and posted before retiring.  My head swims with thoughts that need to be let out or my subconscious mind works overtime in dreams and some of them are dreams I wish I could understand.  I am still glad that BS is not my PCW for Almost Family anymore.  Since she has been dismissed for being my PCW for a couple of years now, I have found my fear of her is going away.  I just could not have her as my PCW anymore and when MP became available for hours and time, she willingly took me as a client to help with my showers and make sure I am dressed and ready for my day.  Upon meeting her yesterday I have to admit that I really like and she is a sweetheart of a gal!  She is not a sour puss like BS one iota and that is super.  Now that BS is not my worker I can pray for her without hesitation and with no fear in sight.  As I sit back and remember how her attitude was the last two weeks with me I could not understand my feelings towards her were what they were for a long time.  Please do not think that I hate her or wish her bad luck or she did not exist, I could not have her attitude in my life because her attitude was frightening me that I did not want her here is all, and that her life needs prayer and that is exactly what I am going to do from this day forward.  She seems to be unhappy about something in her life and she took her life and tried to mix it with mine by saying things that made me feel uncomfortable especially how cluttered my place was.  My clutter and her life do not have anything in common whatsoever and her opinions of my home, how I handle things, how I can do this and that for myself, and what she passed on as suggestions were more telling me than suggestion had taken its last toll with me the week of the Rock County 4-H Fair.  Oh, do not get me wrong here, she has taken over the week of the fair for a favor for me and I appreciated it greatly but her opinions and her not listening to me about some things had reached max capacity of my life – my personal life.  MP is a wonderful and sweet person.

When it comes to privacy in my life, I have to admit that it is private.  I do not like other people interfering in my life when it comes to the help I receive outside unless I make it public knowledge.  I have cerebral palsy, I had a kidney transplant 28 ½ years ago now, I have my health needs taken care of and RK has almost crossed the line about that this past week.  I’ve had long since let it go and I am not going ot report her tl her boss.  I have the medical needs I have set in place and will be in place until the end of my transplanted kidney.  God is in control of my health and I am doing everything correctly for the doctors in Madison, Wisconsin, and will continue to do so for myself and my transplant team.  It is not easy being me.  I have the help I need every week and people to talk to when I need to and yes I go to counseling once a month during good weather because in the winter, I do not get out as much due to temperature changes that occur in the winter.  I have help from IDS and Almost Family, and IRIS (my pick for family care).  I cannot ask for more!

Well, guess what?  I am heading to bed now.  Good night and I will continue this conversation tomorrow morning some time before MP gets here at 9 AM for my shower for the day.  GOOD NIGHT!

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