Resetting Phone Back to Factory Condition

Okay…I have gotten tired of ALL the apps and junk on my phone today and have decided to reset the phone back to factory condition and getting rid of everything that is not necessary to have any longer.  Now with the phone set back to factory condition I know I am going to be spending time on my phone putting the most important apps I use most often on my phone for the next couple of days to a week.  So far I have gotten some of the essentials I want on my phone but tomorrow I will spend time to download three games I play frequently or daily back on, Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, and OneDrive, Bible App, Seventh-day Adventist Quarterly, Ellen G. White Writings App, and SDA Hymnal.  Today I put my Medisafe App and Fitbit App back on my phone.  I thought about ALL the apps I have on my phone today and wondered why I had them.  I play a lot of games on Facebook on my laptop anyway…most of the time anyway.  The games I downloaded on my phone and play frequently or daily are Words With Friends, Hanging With Friends, and Family Farm.  I have decided to dump Yahtzee and other games I have not played in a long time.  If I want to play Yahtzee, I will do so on Facebook.  I am also going to download the Facebook App on my phone as well.  My contacts are still on the phone for the most part anyway…the important phone numbers anyway.

I had to do it.  My phone was running fine but slow like a computer but I just did not need anymore stuff on my phone any longer.  I just want a simple smartphone with apps I use daily or often enough.  I do not need to load my phone up with games and apps I will play for a short time and then stop for weeks on end.  I finally had to quit playing Yahtzee…got bored of it I guess and it would be days before I would play a hand or two or all the games I had been playing.  It just became tiring.  I had to do something about it and end the loaded phone “thing going on” and concentrate more on better things that made me happy and not stressed out as much as I have felt the past month now.

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