Back Up and Running

When it comes to journaling on a daily basis online is the unexpected downtime of servers sometimes.  That is the wonders of the World Wide Web today, always, and forever as technology continues to grow through the days and years of the lives of many who are very good at this sort of thing.  It looks like Dear Diary is up and running once again after having a little downtime.  The downtime unfortunately was not something I wanted at the time it went down but then I have no control of some things out of my profession.  I know computers (Windows and Mac), how to use the internet and how you have to have Wi-Fi or DSL, or some kind of gadget to get online anywhere you can with good reception — like a TV antenna outside grabbing what it can for the TV to work properly but now that has become almost non-existent for many people who can have cable or satellite.  I have cable at this time with a ROKU system connected to my TV to make it a smart TV.  I am glad that Dear Diary is up and running again.  I waited as patiently as possible and when I checked it out a few minutes ago I found it most helpful.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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