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Oh my goodness…where has this summer gone?  It is now September and the summer is almost over.  Kids are back in school now (even though I do not have any kids myself) now.  The weekend will be here starting tomorrow (for me at sundown).  I am so looking forward to the weekend coming.  I have already had my shower gal RK here this morning and DB just left after cooking a couple of meals for me for the week and weekend.  I now have time for myself for a little while.  For now every Thursday evening around 6:30 PM I go visit one of my neighbors CS on the 3rd floor.  My friend RS usually goes with me but not today because she has a date with a gentleman tonight.  I found this out when I ran upstairs to RS’s place to get her phone number because it was not on my phone anymore after I reset it back to factory condition Sunday morning to make my phone a little more efficient for me and apps I use most often than apps I do not use enough.  Until I heard that RS was going out to dinner with a gentleman she had met the day before, I realized that CS would be alone with no one visiting her at our usual time.  I was not sure at the time I saw RS if I would make it either but I had decided to go visit CS.

9 PM

Here I am…home from visiting CS this evening.  I have taken my medications for the evening and now I am heading to bed.  I know I do not have to go to bed so early Thursday nights because my shower gal MP does not come until 9 AM Friday and Monday mornings I want to get a good night’s rest before tomorrow to work on some things before Sabbath. I want to pay my bills and get my rent ready to go before the 5th of the month.  The 5th is the last day rent is considered on time without a penalty.  If your rent is after the 5th a late fee of $5 is tacked on your rent with $2 more each day it is late.  No exceptions…  I do not have to worry about my rent ever being late because I get money deposited before the 5th of each month.

It is time for me to say good night.  God bless.

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