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Sabbath has arrived.  I have been up since 6:30 AM.  I decided to get up and ready for my day by getting dressed for church in a pair of my best jeans and my favorite T-shirt that says Live, Love, Laugh on it.  I will do my hair later.  I thought this is the perfect time to get my meds set up for the morning, get some water, feed Bing Crosby the cat, and get some journaling done, and other things before finishing up for the morning before I leave for church at 9 AM.  It is pretty much a relaxing morning really.  My alarm went off at 7:15 AM and will go off every five minutes until I head out to church.  My phone is charging for the day so I can take it with me.

My TV is off, the A/C fan is running (not A/C itself), my windows are open, and it is cool out at this time.  It is quiet at this hour in my home as well as the world outside. I live on the side of the building that shows the back parking lot, the smoking area, and the table where people sit and talk (gossip if they want to, lol), and there is foot traffic in the back parking lot every day because neighbors take their dogs outside to do their duties and tenants sit out there to smoke or sit and talk.  It is quiet out there this morning around 7:35 AM.

I am looking forward to church this morning.  I always look forward to going to church every Sabbath now.  This is the weekend I have MP coming at 4 PM and 3 PM to assist with my showers.  I really like MP very much.  She is a joy to have in my home compared to having BS here.  BS’s attitude of work was like she ate lemons before she got up in the morning or before she got here.  The last two weeks BS was here every Friday, every other weekend, and Monday became so unbearable to the point that BS’s boss expedited a replacement for her once MP became available (after RM passed away was when MP lost some hours and I requested her and she became available).  Being relieved from the fear of BS coming on Fridays, every other weekend, and Mondays was a big lift off my shoulders once she was replaced.  Yes, I became afraid of her because she became someone to fear (at least someone I became fearful of anyway).  MP is a sweetheart.  She may be a smoker like BS is but she comes into my home with a good attitude about work and does what she is supposed to do, and leaves right on time.


I got home from church a little after 2 PM.  I wanted to stay for the Spanish music program at 3 PM at church today but I had my shower at 4 PM this afternoon.  All afternoon I just watched some recorded TV programs such as Law and Order and played games on my phone.  Someone had updated Fairway Solitaire so now, on my LG V10, the game is available on my phone again and I waited for months to download the game back on my phone since I had gotten it and the game was not available for my phone for almost a year until a couple of days ago.  I am so happy.  I am a very happy camper.


I was hoping I would have been able to stay up late tonight but that is not a possibility once again.  Staying up late has become a chore lately instead of a want.  I have no idea if it is because I am getting older and the older we get the earlier we go to bed or it is the fact that I got some vitamin D from the sun as well as fresh air this morning waiting for my ride outside this morning for a few minutes.  Anyway, before retiring to bed I watched TV and played more games on my cellphone. I am heading to bed now so I am going to say good night and God bless.

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