My Labor Day – A Very Lazy Day

This is an observed holiday today…Labor Day.  I have no services from IDS until tomorrow but I did have my shower gal come this morning at 9 AM.  I did not have a shower or sponge bath today but MP still came for the hour.  I just watched some TV recorded programs, Investigative Discoveries (ID), and watched a TV show on Syfy titled Z Nation.  Z Nation is not my kind or type of movie because survivors in the show were killing zombies left and right, front and back, sideways and backwards wherever they went all over the United States.  Z Nation, although watched briefly because of it being a marathon, is not my type of show to watch.

I do have to admit that because I did not have a shower or sponge bath today and no services from IDS I wanted to be lazy and I ended up getting real lazy by sleeping my morning and some of my afternoon off.  I was glad that I have already talked to my mom the day before for a little while and taken all of my medication for the morning and early afternoon.  It was, to me, very quiet all around me after MP left.  I heard my friend and neighbor above me drop things from time to time throughout the day and I noticed she may have had some company during the day. Me, the only company I had today was Bing Crosby the cat’s, the TV, and the book I am reading right now on my Kindle Paperwhite.  I am fine with the company I am keeping today.

What a lazy day it has been.  All day long, off and on, I had slept while watching TV.  I am glad that I was able to watch some TV and get some reading done but otherwise it has been a very lazy day for me all day long.  I love days like this sometimes.  Now I am off to bed for the night.  Good night and God bless.

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