Afternoon Entry #3

Okay…I am feeling like DB does not get me today…it is not making me feel very happy.  I am sad right now.  I just do not get it.  This is the first time i have really felt bad after she has left me.  I wish today never happened the way it did after a observed holiday.  It does not work very well with me having my schedule thrown off because of one day.  I love day so please do not get me wrong.  I just had an off day.  I know how to push to the limit whenever I am feeling bad or not feeling well.  It was a rough day because it got so hot to the point that we are expecting thunderstorms tomorrow throughout the day and evening to Thursday morning.  Once my schedule is thrown off I just feel I need to be left alone more and wait until the next scheduled time DB comes but I needed to grow groceries.

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