Afternoon Entry #1

Let me take a moment, this afternoon, before my day really begins now that Labor Day has passed and I have had my shower at 8:30 AM.  Now, with it being the first day of the work week and IDS has resumed their services today, my laundry will be done at the laundromat at 12:30 PM today and I will go grocery shopping with DB around 3 PM this afternoon.  This one reason why I do not like observing a holiday on a Monday and businesses – profit and non-profit alike – observe holidays during the week.  Oh, do not get me wrong, I still like observing holidays and all and deal with the change of pace, time, and commitment the best I can with the idea of having a set schedule every day and every week.  Change and I do not always get along even when a change is placed ahead on my schedule so I can revamp my schedule for any changes needed.  I take advantage of the observed holidays the best I can when I feel uncomfortable and unsure of what is really going on.  As I sit here expressing my thought about being uncomfortable and unsure of things at my age of 46, I wonder how bad it is going to be for me when I am much older.  Dementia runs in the family on both sides and my chances of having dementia is very likely because both Grandpa Clarence and Grandpa K had this problem.  Here I am talking about, dementia, when it has not even happened to me.  If I did not like change back in a day and have a little difficulty about it now, change is going to be a big problem for me in the future as well.  I am not looking forward to that.  I hope Jesus’ return (second coming) comes real soon.

I am praying for LMS’s family right now.  I just learned from LMS that a member of the family was killed in a car accident over the weekend.  That is very sad.  May God be with the family of the deceased at this time.  Now a young man, who has cognitive issues is without a mother, and will have to rely on other family members at this time.  My heart goes out to LMS’s family.  May God protect the family and give them comfort during this time of loss.  Thank you, Jesus.

Since yesterday was a holiday and today really begins my week I do have to say that I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon after my shower gal comes and goes.  Even the company’s nurse K is coming for a supervisory visit and will be here for a while, then I have an appointment at 1 PM with my counselor SW.  Next week I have an appointment on Wednesday and next Tuesday begins another set of prophecy seminar meetings at all three churches Pastor Van and his wife attend.  I have an appointment in Madison for my 6 month and yearly kidney checkup.  The reason why I have said 6 months and yearly checkup is because it was 6 months ago I had learned of my kidney disease that I have had for over a year now, and this is the month, every year, I get my yearly checkup as well.  I will be seeing Dr. S only though.  No need to see Dr. D since transportation is something of an issue for me sometimes.

My gal, not DB though, is gone with my laundry to the laundromat right now.  As I sit here and think what I want from the grocery store, it is not easy to plan ahead at the moment.  Ugh…

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