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Earlier this morning, before 8:30 AM, I was not sure if I would be back to my journaling because of the rainy, wet, with some thunder in the distance and getting a little bit closer for a while but here I am back into the swing of things.  It is not as wet as it was a while ago…a little wet grass right now but the parking lot is pretty dry now with its normal remnants of puddles here and there in the cracks weather has made throughout the past year since our parking lot has been resurfaced with tar.  It needs to be done again because so many vehicles and waste management trucks come and go on the pavement.

My Thoughts On the JonBenet Programming Happening Right Now This Week

I have had breakfast and have been watching recorded TV programming all morning and now.  I have also did some indoor exercising most of the morning.  Now it’s afternoon (before 3 PM).  Although I have two episodes yet to watch I have been watching programs about the JonBenet Ramsey case that happened almost 20 years ago now.  I have watched episode 1 of 3 this morning on my cable’s TV channel ION and have been listening to Dateline NBC’s 2-hour episode titled “Who Killed JonBenet?” My feeling about what happened is definitely mixed just as much as when what happened almost twenty years ago (December 1996).  Were John and Patsy (even Burke) really involved with JonBenet’s death?  I know that Patsy Ramsey is no longer alive, John and Burke are still with us.  I believe Burke knows more than what the family has let on even after all these years and family members have been protecting one another.  It sounds like a cover up to me because there was only 3 family members in the house after they got back from Christmas with friends.  I believe one of the family members – John, Patsy, or Burke – had killed JonBenet.  This is where I am a little bit confused and have mixed feelings.  JonBenet was sexually assaulted.  The ransom note was written on paper that was in the home and one of their pens were used, and items that were used were made into weapons from the Ramsey home.  My heart goes out to everyone who has investigated this case all these years, whether or not the Ramsey’s killed JonBenet themselves or she was really a kidnapped victim that went awry.  Apparently, according to Dateline NBC Ramsey family was exonerated from killing JonBenet by DNA evidence.  Someone killed JonBenet and that someone needs to pay for what he has done.  Is JonBenet’s killer even still alive if her family has been exonerated from her horrible death?  This kind of scares me.

Along with watching the 1st episode of 3 episodes of the JonBenet Ramsey case, Dateline NBC’s 2-hour Monday night program, and have watched part one of two parts on Dr. Phil, I have my misgivings about what really happened.  My heart is feeling an understanding of finding out the truth of what really happened to JonBenet Ramsey in 1996.  What really happened?  Is this case definitely worth trying to find the killer after all these years now?  Did the Ramsey family really kill their child?  What really happened?  There are answers out there somewhere.  There’s been a lot of speculation and definitely a lot of questions are still being raised.  I will be listening to or watching part two of Dr. Phil’s TV show.  I personally believe that the case is now officially done and will remain a mystery forever.

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