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Okay, I know i just wrote my last early afternoon thoughts of the day about an hour ago, but more thoughts have come and gone from my mind in the past hour.  I am being very serious about it and honestly I have come to another thought about the JonBenet Ramsey case that happened twenty years ago.  Even though I have written my thoughts and feelings about what really happened while listening to the television programming I had recorded yesterday I do believe that this case now has to be laid to rest and be closed.  Whether or not the family are JonBenet’s killers.  Patsy Ramsey has died from her cancer returning back in 2006 (ten years after her daughter’s horrible murder).  I know that this week will continue with more televised program (undoubtedly recorded to watch at another time here in my home) until tomorrow night.  Whatever the evidence has been found or is still questionable.  I just think that JonBenet’s true killer will not come forward now or has probably passed away since 1997.  If this 6 year old child was murdered by her own parents or brother I have a strong feeling that the father and brother will goes to their graves knowing the exact truth and not come forward.  The mother has been gone now for ten years now and she is probably the killer.  It is believed that with all the investigating, the weaponry that has not been found or recovered, the letter written on paper in the Ramsey home in Boulder, Colorado and one of their pens was also used to write the letter that was supposedly the ransom note.  The note itself was an odd one along with it to be very honest here.  It was written, with errors in spelling, and was sloppy written.  I believe the mother went to her grave knowing the truth and there was a cover up.  Let JonBenet rest now.  Will we be revisiting this once again 5 years from now after 25 years?  That’s a big possibility because some people will not let it rest until the truth is found.  I call that a frenzy.  I do understand that the Martha Moxley took thirty years to get the truth but the killer is now in jail where he belongs.  I believe the JonBenet Ramsey case is exactly like that but I believe the case will be revisited five years from now.  Anyway, despite the outcome of the JR case, I will pray for everyone involved or have been involved and are now gone.

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