My Final Thoughts On the JonBenet Ramsey Case

Okay, I am still not convinced of the family’s involvement in the murder of JonBenet but since DNA s has ruled the Ramsey family of murdering the 6 year old, DNA does not lie.  DNA testing is what it is today because of someone’s ability and creation of DNA testing.  Who murdered JonBenet?  Was it a crazed pedophile of young children or someone who was jealous of the little beauty queen?  I know that pageants can attract all kinds of people – strange or not – pedophiles especially.  I wonder if it was a crazed pedophile.  My heart does go out to the Ramsey family and on September 19th I will watch part 3 of Dr. Phil’s exclusive talk with Burke Ramsey who is now almost 30 years old and JonBenet would have been almost 27 years old now – 26 years of age today if she was still alive.

I do admit that the idea of putting your young child in pageants is not a wise idea.  It can attract all sorts of people and the wrong kind of people along with it.  Some pageants like JonBenet was in can be a station of pedophiles.  I think that Patsy Ramsey was living her dreams through her daughter even though JonBenet may have wanted to be a beauty queen in pageants herself.  I have watched Toddlers and Tiaras a couple of times before being shut off by how the children are dressed and flaunting on stages – flaunting by dancing and singing – showing off their talents. I do not think pageants are made for children and teenagers.  I actually do not remember when the last time I was Miss USA pageants on television now because it has been a few years.  I quit watching them because becoming a public figure and put in danger of someone’s jealousy and harm.  With all this said I still have an achy heart for the Ramsey family – guilty or not to some people.  Even though DNA ruled the Ramsey family out after all these years, John and Patsy have been in the public eye told they were involved, and Burke is now coming forward to tell his side of the story on the Dr. Phil show.  My thoughts about JonBenet’s murder may be harsh but I do have feelings, too.  I have made assumptions the past three days now myself because I have been watching TV shows about the Ramsey family.  When John Ramsey told Dr. Phil that this is his last interview about the case, I hope people can leave John and Burke alone.  In the minds of many they are still guilty and in the mind of others they are not guilty.  It does need to stop and stop now.  The more the case remains open or supposedly new or missed evidence is found or comes up the case will never be at rest and JonBenet and Patsy Ramsey will not rest comfortably until Jesus’ second coming to bring God’s people home with him.  John and Burke will always be under the telescope to be looked at for the rest of their lives.  Let the family rest now since DNA has proved their innocence in the murder of JonBenet.

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