Afternoon Thoughts

Call me forgetful if you like.  I had sent a text to my mother asking her if she remembered what tomorrow, October 2nd, is and she told me “yes”.  Then she came back asking me a question what today was?  I told her that she had me stumped and I asked for a clue.  She did not give me a clue and told me this was the day Grandma Fox passed away.  I did not remember right away until she told me.  That is where anyone can call me forgetful today.  After she mentioned grandma dying, I remember the time Grandma had passed – around 1 AM.  I feel so foolish forgetting Grandma’s death but I know I should not feel foolish; I always remember occasions – good or not good – all the time. My memory just would not pull up this day right away until my mom told me.  I feel real embarrassed.  I CAN NOT believe that I FORGOT.  Sorry Grandma.

Today my shower gal came but I did not have a shower or a sponge bath today.  I decided too take it easy all day long without doing anything.  I have not attended church this morning and will not be going tomorrow either.  I have not been feeling very good this past week.  Honestly, I surely feel fine to some extent but I surely … feeling lazy today.

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