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Here I am again wondering where September 2016 went.  It went by so quickly and now October just might do the same with how my schedule is this month with appointments regarding my transplanted kidney that is having issues after 28 years and 18 days…28 1/2 plus years.  I went to the clinic yesterday to get labs done for my Madison Dr. Singh after a med change and the results were a little unexpected because my WBC is up to 16 and I have diarrhea right now and have had it for the past two to three days now from today.  I had checked my temperature while on the phone with my kidney coordinator yesterday and it was 99.0.  Nothing to worry about.  I am to keep an eye on my temperature to make sure it does not go past 100.5 and since yesterday afternoon my temperature was 97.7 and this morning it was 98.7…normal.  When I get sick, my temperature does go up.  I did take one Tylenol arthritis yesterday afternoon after talking to my kidney coordinator who called me with the test results.

MorningWith it being Sabbath right now I have decided not to go to church today or tomorrow…this weekend I am staying put.  JC is coming with a bulletin and worksheet from today’s (morning) evangelistic meeting after church.  I did want to go but I just thought it better to stay home despite my feelings about going to church is very important.  I have decided not going to church Friday afternoon and evening after getting home from Friday night’s evangelistic meeting at the Janesville church at 7 PM.  Yes, I feel naked about not going to church and it does bother me but my health has to be put first this weekend.  I do feel awkward not being dressed for church and getting everything ready to go by now at 8:55 AM to head out the door and wait for my ride.  It’s just odd.

I have a few appointments this month.  On October 4, 11, 18, I have iron infusions, October 7  have a med check with my nurse prescriber at Genesis Counseling Services, have an appointment on Friday, October 21, to meet and greet my new Nephrologist in Janesville regarding being on dialysis for the near future, and on October 31, I have my second biopsy scheduled that day and will be gone all morning and most of the afternoon until 4 PM or so.  A busy month!

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