A “Sort of” Lazy Day

Other than my shower at 8:30 AM, food prep at 9:15 AM, my October meds delivered at 3 PM, I do have to say it has been a very lazy late morning and early afternoon.  I did not even go up to see a neighbor with RS tonight.  I was so lazy and tired.  I just do not have a lot of energy lately but I do live my life as normal as I can.  I also had some bowel issues today.  I dislike those days.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.  I have to go get labs done for Madison in the morning and then evangelistic meeting at 7 PM.  I am hanging in there since I found out my transplanted kidney is beginning to shut down from age, wear and tear after 28 1/2 years.  I think that my knowledge of my transplanted kidney shutting down has become an overwhelming experience after all but I am hanging in there, going to appointments, going ahead to do what is necessary to find out if I can have a second transplant in the future.  I have to, despite this journey I have taken this long and my feeling of being overwhelmed, God is control of my life and I will allow Him to do just that.  Just some days, as sad as it may sound to some people, I prefer to be alone sometimes with the company of Bing Crosby the Cat or at least knowing he is nearby in the apartment somewhere.  I prefer to be near my computer at all times when an attack comes my way that I consider the “writing bug” and thoughts need to be written down.

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