A Busy Morning

When I do not want to be around other people I like to stay home and be bored to death, watch TV, read, and write.  I did not want to go to the CS house this evening at 6:30 PM tonight.  I  just did not want to be around too many people today.  I had my shower at 8:30 AM and was dressed by 9 AM, DB was here by 9:15 AM and the vet Dr. Schambow (Shombow) was here a few minutes after 9:30 AM.  He met Bing Crosby the cat, talked about him for a few minutes, listened to his heartbeat, gave him his vaccinations (1 vile of meds – unbelievable), got his name, my name, and gave me information regarding the fact Bing got his vaccinations.  After that, DB did some cleaning, vacuuming, and then left until Monday.  It has been a very busy morning for me.  Now I am going to rest for the day and keep Bing in my sight all day and night – if night is even possible, lol.

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