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Well, good morning to me I guess.  I had posted something regarding Hillary Clinton.  I will share that post with others if I could but I won’t because politics is one of three subjects that get people riled up and pretty upset now-a-days.  With this year’s Presidential candidates I do have to admit that it seems to be a farce and a horrible play of candidates.  I understand the freedom of speech and all that goes with it but it does get annoying and irritating to see two grown and adult people battle axe one another in “I approve this message” commercials.  It makes both Presidential candidates look bad and shows how childish adults can be when they want to win something as big as being the President of United States.  This friend, someone a little dark in life, I have to admit that what he said was not pleasant or pleasing calling me a Christian that isn’t what he thought I was.  Now I wish I would have saved his words before unfriending and blocking him on Facebook to show how mean this man could be … a man who writes dark stories and sad.  I do not believe his love for God is genuine or precise, not a Christian of the truth but of darkness.  This man has a dark side that does seem to be a little creepy and I have come to find him accusatory and not nice.  He blames the conservatives for Hillary’s demise when in reality I believe she has dug her own hole with what is happening to her.  Many people want Hillary in and many people want Trump in.  There is ALWAYS going to be two sides of things for the rest of our lives and days.  There is still problems between men and women of color with the people who are white.  Now, to be very honest here, I have no problems with men and women of color because I am not prejudice in that way although I am pre-judging right now about the man I had unfriended and blocked on Facebook.  I just do not trust him anymore.

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