My Saturday Sabbath and Extra Thought

Okay…today was a very good day!  I went to church at 9 AM, had potluck, and then went to visit a neighbor/friend at the nursing home after having surgery at St. Mary’s Hospital earlier this month, maybe the end of last month (September).  My neighbor/friend is NMS.  I did not have a shower but my worker came anyway and she did the dishes and made my bed, and we watched TV for a while together.  I was online for a while this morning before leaving and emailed a link about hemodialysis at to my parents and a couple of other people who will find the information useful and meaningful.   The website is  I am feeling okay.  I am not nervous or anything – at least not at the moment like I was before my appointment on Friday with Dr. A.  To be very honest here I am getting a little bit off the subject of my day.  Let me get back on track, please.

My shower gal left at 5 PM or shortly before.  She comes and works for an hour to be exact and then goes on with her day outside my door.  I did not go anywhere after she left.  I watched Law and Order: SVU for most of the afternoon after 5 PM and until 8 PM then went to bed after taking my evening medications.  I just realized that now that fall is becoming winter and it gets dark before 7 PM right now,   I am okay with that.   I need rest and learn to relax.  So once it gets dark out, I am heading to bed.

It was a very good day!!

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