Venting and Remembering Who is Control

Although voting is very important and all that is at stake really bothers me about two people who have nothing better to do than not to answer the questions at hand and battle ax one another on the pulpit/stage of the debate is just sickening – SICK!  I know who I am voting for and that’s that.  I wish I did not have to vote…seriously.  The debates back in a day, before I was born, were not this bad.  I get freedom of speech and all that is included, but it should only go so far as to kind words and not acting or being evil.  We are already having major problems with criminals having guns and lawful citizens are afraid that their rights to bear arms  as the 2nd amendment is being questioned.  The idea of Hillary Clinton stating that babies could be aborted during the 3rd trimester is okay…their not babies yet…makes me sick to my stomach.  Hillary was once someone I looked up to when Bill Clinton was in office and I did get an autograph from Hillary a few years ago but I have no idea where it went now anyway.  Trump, on the other hand, has his faults too but I do wonder if he would be President material.  Surely Hillary is NOT in my book.  Even watching the “I approve this message” commercials make me sick to my stomach.  I wish everyone is ready for November 8th because I am one way or another!

Just like everyone else, Republicans and Democrats alike, are worried about who is getting in.  Even though I have vented in my above paragraph by what I have heard on TV and read in the news at Yahoo News and other apps on my phone, I do have to admit that this is a scary time for everyone involved and those who will be born in our world in the future.  I am allowing God to do what He needs to do to unify the countries – not just our own United States of America.  I have health issues to work on and deal with right now and I am allowing God to take care of me in that department.  Yes, I still worry, wonder, cry, understand what is going on in the world at my perspective, have fear, and doubt of things but God is the One I have controlling my movements from now on.  God knows what I am afraid of or fearful of, what I need and want whereas people in my life have to ask what I need or want in my life to make it better.  GOD KNOWS ME!

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