Good Morning

Hello and good morning, diary.  It has been a while since I posted again but I have been super duper with appointments and have two more coming up this next week on Monday and Wednesday.  My journaling has been low and slow these days but what goes on in my life right now – time or not – has been very important.  Monday I have my 2nd biopsy on my transplanted kidney in Madison, Wisconsin, and then I see a doctor here at Mercy regarding a fistula placement assessment/results on Wednesday and schedule the procedure for that.  I am hanging in there with my head held high and my chin up even though I am feeling a mixture of emotion as well as understanding that my transplanted kidney is heading out the door.  Anyway, I am up and ready for church this morning and will be leaving shortly.  I am excited about getting out of my apartment for a little while to be with friends at church.  I did have a rough time sleeping but I did get some and I did get 8 hours of sleep or more. I just had trouble getting to sleep.  I am ready for my day now.

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