Saturday Afternoon Quick Thoughts

Now, after church: potluck, prayer meeting, and poem reading, I am now back home for the rest of the day and Sabbath.  Before coming straight home I visited a neighbor for a while and then came home to a Bing Crosby the cat waiting patiently for me to enter the apartment as he always does every time I go out and come back.  Honestly, his hearing is that good for a good ol’ cat of 11 years old.  Am I ever worried about leaving him?  No, when it comes to coming back some time later in the same day.  Yes, when I am going to be gone overnight somewhere for some reason or another that is not in my control but that is when I find the best person to care for him while I am away more than a day or overnight.

My shower gal MP will be here in a little bit and I am going to have a shower today – this Saturday – but I will not have to wash my hair today.  It is going to be an in and out shower for me though.  I have to get prepared for Monday’s biopsy procedure on my kidney so why bother washing my hair today?  It has been in a braid since yesterday morning to the side.  Anyway, it is nice to be home where it is quiet and peaceful except for RS making her normal live in noises above me – normal and I am not complaining.  I do not have my TV on right now.  A good time to be quiet until MP leaves at 5 PM.  I am going to take advantage of the quietness after she is gone.

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